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Djambo Kidsplay

Climbing, sliding and running. Woohoooo!

We know what we would like to do if we were still 4 years old, climbing, sliding and running at Djambo’s playground in Zwolle! Djambo has a dedicated toddler play area and a large play structure for children from the age of four. The official mascot Timba is always willing to take a picture with the kids and with an enormous playground area, Djambo Kidsplay is the perfect location to celebrate your kids’ birthday and bring all of their friends!

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Responsive Design

With the idea in mind that visitors want to view the website on desktop, tablet and mobile devices, responsive design was first on the menu. Viewing important information – like opening hours – in a user-friendly way, is something a business can’t live without.

Creative Passenger created a solution for parents to view their kids’ party-schedule online. Each customer will have access to “My Djambo” so they can see a detailed overview of their reservation.

Djambo's website on Desktop and mobile devices