New website online!

Today, we can finally show the world some of our amazing work!

New website online

It’s here! After months of preparations and many hours of hard work, we are proud to present our new website! It took more time than we originally planned, which had a lot to do with how precise we both are. Our attention to detail was a bit high to say the least… This bizarre eagerness for perfection led to some frustration once in a while, but i’m glad to tell you we both survived ;-)

Mobile optimization

A lot of effort went in to optimizing our website for mobile devices. Android, iOS, Safari, Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc., etc. With so many different browsers and platforms available, it’s almost impossible to get a pixel-perfect design on each and every device, but I think we did a pretty good job at delivering the best user experience for the most common devices and browsers out there.

If you notice any weird pixels wondering around, please let us know. We’re always open to suggestions.

Curious who we are and want to meet the people behind Creative Passenger? You’re welcome to come over anytime, we are located in the city of Alkmaar. If you bring the apple pie, we supply the coffee… ;-).

Please enjoy our new website, browse our portfolio and let us know what you think!