Writing content for your website can be difficult

Water and Coffee...

The last few days I’ve been concentrating on writing content for our soon to be launched website. I have to admit, it’s tougher than I thought. We decided to write all our content in English, and because English isn’t my native tongue, it takes a bit longer…

Content writing isn’t something I often do and the fact that we desperately need to start our online presence, optimal focus was of the essence. Trying something new to get “my groove on” was needed.

Why writing content for your website can be difficult

Yesterday I tried something different and new to me. Instead of heading out to our office I went to a local coffee house. Just me and my MacBook. I’ve read multiple articles about creatives getting more focussed and inspirational in such environments, so heading out to a coffee house and experience this phenomenon for myself seemed like a pretty good idea.

After a 20-minute ride on my bike, I arrived at a local Coffee house named “Dopio”. Coffee wasn’t the first thing on my mind though. With my tongue hanging out of my mouth, a cold glass of water seemed a much better option! A clear sign that it’s time to start doing something about my health. Not that I needed to be reminded about it…

Writing content

After I caught my breath and got used to my new habitat, it finally happened… I was writing content for our new website and it felt good! During the day I tasted some really nice coffee, had a luxurious sandwich and felt like I could stayed there till late in the evening. Unfortunately the girl behind the counter thought different and wanted to go home around diner time… One thing’s for sure, this “new thing” is really working out for me. Getting out of your normal routine really can help.

I would like to thank Dopio for their great hospitality and providing a perfect ambiance that triggered my inspiration. Never too old to learn!