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Holland's fastest motorcycle magazine!

In May 2010 Lennox Publishing approached us to create a more catchy design for their KicXstart website. The idea was to build an easy to manage website with the possibility to sell some of its amazing merchandising. KicXstart magazine is famous for its rebellious style and cool cartoon character “Nul CC” with its fast tricycle serving as its logo. At the end of 2012, KicXstart magazine was taken over by Belgian motorcycle magazine “Motorrijder”.

Kicxstart's website on Desktop and mobile devices

And now..

Based on the WordPress Content Management System (CMS), KicXstart is able to quickly add blog posts. They can now inform subscribers when a new issue is in stores and offer the possibility to order merchandising and subscriptions online.

Although the design finds its origin in 2010, it’s still a strong and catchy website that creates the same rebellious experience when reading their magazines today.